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BTC Summer Camp 

A home away from home

Starts June 10th

At Camp BTC, we invite our campers to be inspired by a special guest or to explore the world around us through our weekly field trips. Then we allow our campers to connect and bring their imagination to life by offering weekly projects that utilize different mediums including traditional art materials as well as recycled or reused surpluses from factories.

There will be various activities and games that will foster connection, community, and friendship that will provide a chance for our campers to earn badges.  Aside from the prizes that will be available for the campers to win with the tickets they earn from scavenger hunt walks around the 
neighborhood, the 
camper who earns the most badges each week will get to pie their selected counselor!

We ensure that all activities create a FUN atmosphere while inserting various academic core standards. We give out Brain Badges to those who can remember facts and answer questions that relate to facts presented by our special guests. Literacy is also nurtured at camp as we offer daily campfire stories to foster a love for reading. Lastly, weekly projects are offered so they can have a creative space to apply what they learned. Learning within the context and having FUN is the most effective way to nurture a love for learning and discovery. At Camp BTC, everything we do is connected to a bigger picture.  

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"Beyond The Classroom is a beloved place in our community of South Pasadena where kids can grow and thrive. My daughter Olivia (16) and my son Marlow (14) are both alumnus of the program that helped establish their happy and productive careers in school. The teachers at BTC make the program exceptional. Over the years, their tender love, guidance energy had an impact on Olivia and Marlow. Some of the happiest memories from their childhood are tied to these teachers who devoted themselves to the kids."

- Marissa S.

"When I first came to BTC I was a very tiny guy and BTC looked giant. At that time I wanted to go home and I ended up crying because that's what all 4 year olds do when something is new. Anyways, when kindergarten rolled around I was dropped into BTC’s arms and to this very day I have been part of the whole BTC family. I am so grateful that BTC was and still is a thing because it provided me with a safe space to play, a hangout with friends after school, and a place to let all my craziness out even if it got me into trouble. I am also so grateful for the teachers at BTC who actually engaged and played with us, instead of just watching us with a blank face. I truly believe if BTC didn’t have the type of teachers they have, then it wouldn’t be the same. Thanks for existing BTC!"

- Mac, 9th grade

"BTC was an awesome part of my childhood and all the workers shaped who I am today. I came back to volunteer and was greeted with the same welcoming staff. The kids are incredibly kind and many of them were so sad to see their favorite volunteers go at our annual sleepover."

- Sabrina,
12th grade

"Over the years, our children have grown into confident and well-rounded individuals, and we believe much of this transformation is owed to the nurturing environment and opportunities provided by BTC. It is the values that are instilled in them and the Core values of kindness, empathy and community involvement that has made our children compassionate and socially conscious individuals. Thank you BTC!"

- Chris and Phabillia B.


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A home away from home!