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Beyond the Classroom is a home away from home

Beyond The Classroom is an After School Enrichment Program designed to provide a safe, nurturing environment for school-aged children, K-5, during after-school hours. The space aims to offer children a truly enriching experience by providing various opportunities to participate in activities and classes that are often overlooked in the standard school curriculum.

To complement the increasing emphasis on textbook-based learning in schools, children at Beyond the Classroom will engage in hands-on, project-based learning experiences. They will continue their educational journey beyond the confines of the classroom, participating in field trips related to their projects. While homework is not the primary focus of the program, children will have dedicated time during the day to work on their assignments.

Beyond The Classroom will also serve as a nurturing environment for families to grow. Parents will have the opportunity to discuss their children's development through monthly parent education meetings facilitated by a parent educator. These meetings will provide a forum to address relevant issues such as setting limits, media and children, and more.

Owned by two South Pasadena Moms with children in the South Pasadena Unified School District, Beyond The Classroom's founders are former teachers holding Master's Degrees in Education and Human Development, respectively. Drawing from their experiences and expertise, they are committed to providing enriching childhood experiences beyond the traditional school setting.

Beyond The Classroom is a year- round program and will be open from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 6:00pm.  It is also open during most school holidays and local school vacations, such as spring break, winter break and summer break.

Our Mission

To provide a "home away from home," one that is safe, loving, and nurturing for children, while also cultivating their Emotional Intelligence.

To create an enriching play-based environment that fosters a passion for learning and encourages children to take ownership of their education.

To increase parental awareness of childhood development and foster stronger parent-child relationships.

To strengthen the community and establish partnerships among its members for the betterment of children and families.

"Beyond The Classroom is a beloved place in our community of South Pasadena where kids can grow and thrive. My daughter Olivia (16) and my son Marlow (14) are both alumnus of the program that helped establish their happy and productive careers in school. The teachers at BTC make the program exceptional. Over the years, their tender love, guidance energy had an impact on Olivia and Marlow. Some of the happiest memories from their childhood are tied to these teachers who devoted themselves to the kids."

- Marissa S.

"When I first came to BTC I was a very tiny guy and BTC looked giant. At that time I wanted to go home and I ended up crying because that's what all 4 year olds do when something is new. Anyways, when kindergarten rolled around I was dropped into BTC’s arms and to this very day I have been part of the whole BTC family. I am so grateful that BTC was and still is a thing because it provided me with a safe space to play, a hangout with friends after school, and a place to let all my craziness out even if it got me into trouble. I am also so grateful for the teachers at BTC who actually engaged and played with us, instead of just watching us with a blank face. I truly believe if BTC didn’t have the type of teachers they have, then it wouldn’t be the same. Thanks for existing BTC!"

- Mac, 9th grade

"BTC was an awesome part of my childhood and all the workers shaped who I am today. I came back to volunteer and was greeted with the same welcoming staff. The kids are incredibly kind and many of them were so sad to see their favorite volunteers go at our annual sleepover."

- Sabrina,
12th grade

"Over the years, our children have grown into confident and well-rounded individuals, and we believe much of this transformation is owed to the nurturing environment and opportunities provided by BTC. It is the values that are instilled in them and the Core values of kindness, empathy and community involvement that has made our children compassionate and socially conscious individuals. Thank you BTC!"

- Chris and Phabillia B.


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